Guillemot Kayaks has been providing the best information on how to build your own kayak since 1994. It is our goal to teach you everything you need to know to successfully make your own kayak.

Strip Built Night Heron Kayak

Kayak Construction Methods

There are several common methods for building kayaks using simple tools you may already have. Strip Building, Stitch and Glue and Skin on Frame are the most common.

Kayak Making Videos

In depth videos showing the complete process of making your own beautiful wood kayak

WoodenBoat School Kayak Building Class

Kayak Building Classes

Sometimes the best way to learn is hands on beside an experienced master

Kayak Building Books

Nick Schade has written several books about building kayaks and other small boats

Learn Fiberglassing

Fiberglass adds strength to the light weight wood

Guillemot Kayaks provides in-depth instruction and a curated collection of professional kayak designs

If you want to build a kayak, you have most of what it takes to do it already.

Building kayaks takes more time than it does skill. Don’t let the thought that you have not built a kayak before dissuade you from starting a kayak building project