Align the deck hull seam

It is very common that the deck and hull don’t match when you go to put them together. Maybe humidity got to the wood between glassing the outside and the inside or, the opposite, the wood dried out.

Kayak Stability

What could be easier than stability? Just make the boat wide and it will be stable … right? Yet, there are kayaks out there from 20″ to 32″ wide, all of which the manufacturers say

Petrels two different lengths

​ I often get questions to the effect of: “I have trouble keeping up with my friends, what kayak should I get?” Everyone knows that longer kayaks are faster, so obviously I should be recommending

I am excited and deeply honored to be able to announce that I am now offering plans from Bear Mountain Boats. For those who don’t know Bear Mountain Boats is the company started by Ted Moores and his